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Sia Silk® Sleep Mask with extra deep eye cups for long lashes - Dusty Rose

Sia Silk® Sleep Mask with extra deep eye cups for long lashes - Dusty Rose

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100% Mulberry Silk, Anti-aging Sleep Mask with Extra Deep Eye Cups

  • Anti-aging
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lightweight
  • Less Absorbent

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This luxurious silk eye mask from Sia Silk® provides total blackout and ultimate comfort for beauty sleep. Crafted from the finest 100% mulberry anti-aging silk with a unique 3D contoured design, the extra deep eye cups conform to every facial contour to block out light completely while protecting delicate lashes. Memory foam padding and cushioned comfort provide a weightless feel on the skin while you drift off into a restful slumber. The adjustable strap ensures a perfect customizable fit for all. Gentle on the eyes and delicate skin, this mask is ideal for those with eyelash extensions who also want to receive the anti-aging benefits of high quality silk. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and dark circles and hello to a new level of Beauty Rest with this premium one-of-a-kind eye mask for men and women.


  • Luxurious Silk: Made from 100% mulberry silk, the ultra soft anti-aging fabric glides perfectly over skin for less friction, creasing and blemishes. The ultimate in beauty rest, wake up feeling and looking more refreshed.
  • Unique Contoured Design: With 3D shaped eye cups and extra deep contours, this eye mask protects eyelash extensions while you sleep and helps you sleep better.
  •  Cushioned Comfort: Memory foam padding and adjustable strap provide plush comfort without pressure on delicate skin and eyelashes.
  •  Adjustable Fit: The adjustable strap allows you to get a perfect, snug fit for all-night light-blocking and comfort.
  •  Protect Lashes: The soft, gentle material combined with deeper eye cups than average, protect eyelash extensions while you sleep and helps you wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Exceptional Quality / Unique Details: The only Silk sleep mask that combines the skin nourishing benefits of 100% Mulberry, Grade 6A, 22 mm silk with Lash protection by providing deeper than standard eye cups and extra thick padding.
  • * While Sia Silk has the deepest eye cups of any SILK mask on the market, we acknowledge that not all Lashes are the same and Sia Silk may not be suitable for all lash extension lengths and types.  While we specifically designed Sia Silk to have deeper eye cups for lash protection  we encourage you to use your own discretion in deciding whether Sia Silk is right for you.

Luxury You Deserve

Experience the epitome of luxury and better sleep with Sia Silk. Our silk eye masks redefine slumber with extra-deep eye cups for unparalleled darkness, high-quality silk for skin-loving luxury, and an adjustable custom fit. Wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and more beautiful every morning. 

Why Choose Us

Sia Silk®

  • Deeper than standard eye cups
  • Thick memory foam padding
  • 100% Light Blocking
  • Zero eye pressure
  • Adjustable silk wrapped strap
  • Custom Contoured Design
  • OEKO-TEX 100 Standard Silk


  • Flimsy Padding
  • Shallow Eye Cups
  • Not 100% Light Blocking
  • Not Adjustable
  • Cookie Cutter Design
  • Faux Silk

Luxury You Deserve

In today's fast-paced world, a good night's sleep is often a luxury that we can't afford to miss. Sleep is not just about rest; it's an essential pillar of overall well-being. It's during these precious hours of slumber that our bodies rejuvenate, repair, and recharge. But did you know that the way you sleep can significantly impact not only your rest but also your appearance and health? Enter the world of Sia Silk® sleep masks with extra deep eye cups – the secret to unlocking the beauty of sleep by nourishing your skin while protecting your luscious lashes.

Luxury Sleep Mask


Silk contains 18 amino acids that have been shown to speed up cell turn over and help combat the signs of aging.

Luxury Sleep Mask


Less absorbent than cotton and synthetic fabrics, leaving your products in place for more moisturized and nourished skin.

Luxury Sleep Mask


Won't dry out hair and smooth texture prevents snagging and frizz for shinier and healthier hair.

Luxury Sleep Mask


Recent studies have shed light on the numerous health and longevity benefits of using a sleep mask, backed by scientific research.

  • Cozy Fit

    Don’t settle for a mask that is too tight or slips while you sleep. Sia Silk sleep eye masks are adjustable for a fit that’s just right.

  • Tested For Purity

    Your silk sleep mask with eye cups passes rigorous testing to ensure the material covering your eyes is free of chemicals.

  • Total Blackout For Peaceful Sleep

    This memory foam lash extension eye mask for sleeping gently molds to your contours to block light leakage.

  • Proudly Woman Owned

    Support the women who designed the perfect, supportive silk eye mask for sleeping.

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