Mask Care

Sia Silk® Masks are washable!


We recommend hand washing or machine wash on cold with gentle detergents only. We highly suggest using a delicates bag for extra protection. Hang or lay flat to dry, avoid direct sunlight. 


Traditional silk products are hand wash or dry clean only but since we use the highest quality silk, it is safe to machine wash your mask, we do! 

However we do highly recommend:

-Washing on gentle cycle, below 30 degrees

-Using cold setting or one settling above cold (below 86ºF)

-Using delicates bag

-Do not bleach 

-Do not use harsh detergents

-Do not tumble dry

-Do not dry clean

-Do not expose to direct sunlight 

-Lay flat in well ventilated area

To really maximize the life of your mask, hand washing is the safest method. 


The more you take care of your Sia Silk® mask the longer it will take care of you!

Eventually the memory foam padding will begin to break down and loose shape but with proper care your Sia Silk® mask could last you anywhere from 6 month- 1 year of regular use.