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Silk 3D contoured sleep mask for lashes and eye lash extensions.


The anti-aging sleep mask for Lash Extensions

100% Pure Mulberry Silk, 3d contoured sleep mask with extra deep eye cups

Luxury you deserve

We Have You Covered

Waking up to crushed lashes after a poor night's rest can ruin your day. Elevate your beauty sleep and wake refreshed thanks to this eyelash eye mask for sleeping designed to provide maximum comfort, anti-aging skin nourishment and lash protection. This game-changing lash eye mask for sleeping creates ample space around voluminous extensions, while the plush padding, mulberry silk, and adjustable strap ensure a custom fit for all head sizes.


Comfort-First Design

Sleep peacefully without worrying about light or a lash emergency. Your black out eye mask for sleeping has precision contours around your nose and eyes that provide total darkness and uninterrupted rest. The padding isn’t just foam; it has a dense memory foam core that gently molds to your face whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back. The material provides precision light blockage without pressure or pinching.


Indulge in Silky Serenity

Give your skin the TLC it deserves with nutrient-rich silk which has been shown to speed up cell turn over and increase collagen. This mulberry silk sleep mask allows your serums and creams to absorb fully so you wake up with soft, glowing skin. The smooth fabric diminishes sleep creases and irritation. Sia Silk uses only grade 6A silk that meets OEKO-TEX standard 100 so you can rest assured your skin is in caring hands.


Refresh Your Nighttime Routine

You'll look forward to slipping on this indulgent Tempurpedic eye mask for sleeping and drifting off to sleep. Give your eyes, skin, and lashes the luxurious rest they deserve and greet each day feeling refreshed.


Experience the restorative difference the Sia Silk anti-aging, contoured eye mask for sleeping has on your nightly ritual.

the soft padding of the sleep mask for lash extensions
  • Blissful Radiance – Your mulberry silk eye mask for sleeping for women and men delivers luxurious skin benefits. It is cooling and rich in amino acids, and won’t crease or zap your moisture.

  • Rest Easy – Indulge in deep sleep without crushing your lashes, and wake refreshed. This padded eye mask for sleeping is a silky dream and expertly shields lash extensions with extra-deep, 3D contouring.  

  • Complete Calm – Unwind in total darkness. This blackout eye mask for sleeping blocks sun and artificial light as the ergonomic nose shape and adjustable strap make this a match made in dreamland for all. 

  • Premium Padding – Enjoy luxe Tempur-Pedic foam wrapped in layers of raw silk. Your sleep eye mask's silky texture glides over hair without snagging and the padding is comfy no matter how you sleep.

  • Made for You – Beauty rest begins with Sia Silk. We carefully designed your eyelash extension eye mask for sleeping to decrease disruptive pressure and included a satin bag for peaceful travels. 

  • Woman Owned - We are a small business based in Nashville, TN on a mission to help people get better sleep while nourishing their skin and protecting delicate lashes.

3d sleep mask for eyelash extensions

David G., OR

I’ve been using sleep masks for many years and thought I found the right one but it was getting old and so I tried this silken wonder and have to say this is heavenly and really blocks out the light yet feels so light and comfort and good on the skin and eyes. Plenty of room in there for the eyes too. Love it!!!!


This sleep mask is outstanding. It’s customizable in the strap and VERY comfortable. It’s really pillowy and refreshing to the touch. What I appreciate most about this mask is that it has deeper cut out for my eyes so when I open my eyes with the mask on my eyes can open freely and comfortably open without my eye lashes hitting and rubbing up against the mask. I also love that’s it offers like 98% black out. It’s pure mulberry silk and it sure feels like it. It’s so soft and luxurious. I also really appreciate the ability to tighten the mask. The silk strap can be pulled back to tighten the elastic strap.  I find that I get better more restful sleep using this mask. Very impressed with this mask and would highly recommend! This is the best sleep mask I’ve ever used!
I've dabbled in sleep masks but this is by far the most comfortable. It's like another pillow. I kind of want to wear it around while I'm awake. I love it!!
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