The Many Skin Nourishing Benefits of all Natural Silk

The Many Skin Nourishing Benefits of all Natural Silk

The Many Benefits of all Natural Silk

There are so many benefits to high quality silk. ✨

It contains 18 amino acids that have been shown to speed up wound healing in skin by speeding up the cell turn over of the skin. This expedited metabolism of the skin helps to combat some of the signs of aging by regenerating the skin cells. 🌱

Not to mention silk is naturally hypoallergenic and silk fibers are less absorbent than cotton so there is less opportunity for bacteria growth. This can help to prevent breakouts and will help skin to retain its moisture. It also keeps your expensive face creams where they belong, on your skin! (There will always be some absorption but it won’t dry your skin out like cotton)💦

Same for your hair! Silk won’t absorb your hair’s moisture and its silky texture glides along hair preventing frizz and breakage.

Because of it's silky low friction nature, It also prevents pulling and creasing of your skin which can prevent wrinkles as well as frizzy hair and breakage. Not to mention it feels so good on your skin and is naturally cooling/ tempurature regulating!

Silk is also all natural, made from silk worms 🐛(which is why it’s so expensive) but with benefits like these it’s worth it!! And you can rest easy knowing there are no harsh chemicals and it's safe for you and the planet!

Who doesn’t need more silk in their life?!?!

Here are some Science-Backed Sources on the Benefits of Silk:


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