Best Sleep Mask I've ever tried

Best Sleep Mask I've ever tried

I have slept with a sleep mask for many years in an effort to block out light and get better quality sleep. There are so many health benefits to sleeping in total darkness including anti-aging, anti-inflammatory benefits as well as decreased risk on insulin resistance, depression and more.


However I have struggled over the years to find a sleep mask that fit my needs in being comfortable, functional and good for my sensitive skin.


I've tried a number of different kinds of sleep masks (including those domed, bug-eyed looking things that actually did work quite well), but most of them are not adjustable and I would end up having to pin or sew the strap because nothing fits my tiny head and everything falls off or slips out of place during the night.


But the main issue I found with these kind of masks is that they are always made with synthetic materials and they would either fall apart when washed and only last a month or two, or they would cause me to break out because these synthetic materials are prone to bacterial growth, which is why having them falling apart when washed is such a major issue.


So I switched to 100% silk eye masks only. But there were a whole bunch of issues that came up with these too. Again most did not fit and were not adjustable. Plus few had 3d contouring and I woke up with smashed eyelashes pointing every which way. I even started losing lashes and it took awhile for them to grow back again.

I tried pretty much every Silk 3d contoured sleep mask on the market and they all seem to have the same mold in their design. Meaning they are all the exact same shape and size. The only difference was how pliable the foam padding was, (and what quality silk they used).


The softer padding didn't provide nearly enough room for my lashes because, while very comfortable, it would compress and make the eye cups too shallow to protect my lashes.


And the less pliable padding, while it did provide enough space around the eyes, was uncomfortable and pressed into my cheeks, which is an issue if you are, like me, nearing middle age and losing volume in the cheeks. Volume loss can cause drooping and make you look old and tired. So I obviously didn't want anything pressing into my cheeks and causing me to lose volume and age faster than necessary. Plus they all were on the smaller side and I struggled to keep them in place throughout the night.


That’s why I created Sia Silk. It has a truly unique design with extra thick, pliable cushioned padding creating added comfort as well as extra deep eye cups for a truly zero pressure experience. These extra deep eye cups provide better lash protection without pressing into the cheeks. Plus it has a higher cut ergonomic nose, that, combined with the extra padding under the eyes, helps the mask to conform to the face better for total light blockage. It also has an adjustable silk-wrapped strap so you can get a customizable fit while protecting your hair from frizz and breakage. Finally, a mask that actually fits, doesn't slip or fall off, is sooo comfortable and protects my lashes better than anything else I've ever tried!

And t’s made from the highest quality all natural silk, rated 100 by OKEO-TEX. There are so many benefits to all natural silk. It’s naturally hypoallergenic and has been shown to speed up cell turn over of the skin, countering the effects of aging. It’s also less absorbent so it helps skin and hair maintain its moisture.

So if you, like me, have struggled to find a sleep mask that actually works, then give Sia Silk a try, you won't regret it!

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